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Enrico Gratton

Frontiers in Biological Fluorescence 2006

A symposium to honor Enrico Gratton on the occasion of his 60th birthday and 30-years of service to the University of Illinois.

Saturday, May 20, 2006
141 Loomis Laboratory of Physics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sponsored by ISS Inc. and the Department of Physics


Osman Akcakir, Luis Bagatolli, Beniamino Barbieri, Marisa Barcellona, Nicholas Barry, Keith Berland, Sophia Breusegem, Juan Eduardo Brunet Polanco, Chittanon Buranachai, Anna Celli, Tania Chakrabarty, Yan Chen, Jee Choi, Robert Clegg, Michelle Digman, Dean Eckhoff, John Eid, Monica Fabiani, Rosamaria Fiorini, Maria Angela Franceschini, Sergio Fantini, Hans Frauenfelder, Todd French, Christoph Gohlke, Govindgee, Claudio Gratton, Fabio Gratton, Gabriele Gratton, Valentina Gratton, Rajarsi Gupta, Taekjip Ha, Theodore Hazlett, David Jameson, Shwayta Kukreti, Moshe Levi, Ginger Mohr, Zigurts Majumdar, William Mantulin, Antonios Michalos, Guido Motolese, Joachim Mueller, Ulrich Nienhaus, Adelina Paunescu, Chiara Polzonetti, Gregory Reinhart, Molly Rossow, QiaoQiao Ruan, Susana Sanchez, Stephen Sligar, Gregory Snyder, Peter So, Jeremiah Sullivan, Kandice Tanner, Sergey Tetin, Vladislav Toronov, Bruce Tromberg, Martin Wolf, Ursula Wolf, Julia Wright, Weiming Yu, and others.


  • Jeremiah Sullivan: Welcome and Introduction
    Audio (MP3, 3 minutes, 665 KB)
  • David Jameson: Lotta Dura Senza Pura – The Scientific Wanderings of Enrico Gratton.
    Presentation (PDF, 748 KB), Audio (MP3, 15 minutes, 3507 KB)
  • Beniamino Barbieri: Enrico Gratton the Entrepreneur. Contributions to the Commercialization of Fluorescence and Other Ventures in Medical Applications.
    Presentation (PDF, 780 KB), Audio (MP3, 9 minutes, 2163 KB)
  • Gregory Reinhart: 'But of Course' – Blank Subtraction and Lifetime Distributions in the Frequency Domain.
    Presentation (PDF, 278 KB), Audio (MP3, 19 minutes, 4357 KB)
  • Sergey Tetin: Interactions from the Diagnostic Assay's Perspective.
  • Ulrich Nienhaus: Developing Tools for Using the Live Cell as a 'Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics'.
    Presentation (PDF, 1286 KB), Audio (MP3, 19 minutes, 4541 KB)
  • Hans Frauenfelder: Enrico Gratton, Light, Water, and More.
    Presentation (PDF, 878 KB), Audio (MP3, 52 minutes, 12 MB)
  • Sergio Fantini: Photons and Grattons: Light and Photon-density Waves.
    Presentation (PDF, 2456 KB), Audio (MP3, 21 minutes, 4961 KB)
  • Keith Berland: On Fluctuations and Beginnings: Graduate Training with Enrico Gratton.
    Presentation (PDF, 587 KB), Audio (MP3, 19 minutes, 4375 KB)
  • Peter So: A Cross Country Road Trip: Learning to Think Small.
    Presentation (PDF, 1114 KB), Audio (MP3, 20 minutes, 4637 KB)
  • Joachim Mueller: The Photon Counting Histogram: From its Beginnings to the Present.
    Presentation (PDF, 323 KB), Audio (MP3, 20 minutes, 4805 KB)
  • Maria Angela Franceschini: Frequency-domain Spectroscopy of Turbid Media: From Milk to Brain.
    Presentation (PDF, 3062 KB), Audio (MP3, 19 minutes, 4485 KB)
  • Luis Bagatolli: Off curs, Luis, it is a lipid domain...
    Presentation (PDF, 2096 KB), Audio (MP3, 25 minutes, 5879 KB)
  • Taekjip Ha: E pur si muove! – Enrico on the move.
    Presentation (PDF, 155 KB), Audio (MP3, 13 minutes, 3133 KB)
  • Moshe Levi: Our Fantastic Journey with Enrico Up and Down the Frontiers of the Renal Proximal Tubule Microvilli.
    Presentation (PDF, 473 KB), Audio (MP3, 14 minutes, 3189KB)
  • Gabriele Gratton: When Psychology Meets Physics: Easter Brunches and Optical Imaging.
    Presentation (PDF, 971 KB), Audio (MP3, 17 minutes, 3973 KB)
  • Stephen Sligar: From Single Molecules to Cell Motility – Weber to Gratton: Seeing is Believing.
    Presentation (PDF, 2642 KB), Audio (MP3, 25 minutes, 5775 KB)
  • Bruce Tromberg: Frequently Delayed Photon Im-Migration: Enrico's Transport from UIUC to UCI.
    Presentation (PDF, 588 KB), Audio (MP3, 13 minutes, 3123 KB)

Thanks to Bob Clegg for recording the audio.

After Dinner Talks

  • David Jameson: The Life and Time of Enrico Gratton.
    Presentation (PDF, 1425 KB), Audio (MP3 audio, 24 minutes)
  • David Jameson: Pasta with Calamari and Mushroom.
    Audio (MP3 audio, 3 minutes)
  • Enrico Gratton: Pasta Story.
    Audio (MP3 audio, 2 minutes)